Proof: Cooling tea

A couple of years ago, my Chemistry teacher wondered out loud about whether putting milk in her tea later or earlier would cool it faster so she would be able to drink it during break time. I had a strong hunch that it would be putting it in later due to the higher rate of… Read More »

Solarized colours for terminal-plus atom package

Just to save a bit of time, here’s the solarised colours for the terminal-plus package for atom. To use it, just copy and paste into your config.cson file for Atom (accessible via Edit > Open your config). Click read more for the code listing.

Graph Scaling Algorithm

About a year ago, I wrote an algorithm to take the range of some data and output the value of each axis gradation. That is, tell the user how to space their graph. Click the read more button to see it in C++ and Ruby. I also implemented it in Javascript as a web page… Read More »