Solarized colours for terminal-plus atom package

Just to save a bit of time, here's the solarised colours for the terminal-plus package for atom. To use it, just copy and paste into your config.cson file for Atom (accessible via Edit > Open your config). Click read more for the code listing.
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Where is 2015? Mini Walkthrough (Hint Table)

As usual, the great Mateusz Skutnik has released a "Where is...?" game for the new year: Where is 2015?. It has been rather more challenging and involved than previous games in the series and it took me quite a while to finish.

In order to free those who are stuck pixel hunting, I've created a table of where the items can be found as a kind of mini walkthrough. [U] means that the item is unlocked on completing a puzzle for that location. Curved brackets indicate the item is placed there.

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Proof: Maximum distance is achieved with take off angle of 45°

This is another proof post with plenty of Maths! This came about when my Physics teacher asked for one (his one had less and more boring Maths in it).

For simplicity, we will consider air resistance to be zero (certainly not the case for the perfectly spherical ball model the question was about). We will also assume that we can apply the same force for every angle. Finally, we assume that the projectile will stop as soon as it hits the ground and travel no further. OK let's get to it! Read more

Graph Scaling Algorithm

About a year ago, I wrote an algorithm to take the range of some data and output the value of each axis gradation. That is, tell the user how to space their graph. It remains one of my favourite algorithms that I've written. Click the read more button to see it in C++ and Ruby. I also implemented it in Javascript as a web page here. Read more

Optimum load resistance: maximal power transmission

I wrote this little proof quite a while ago and find it while clearing out. I thought I'd post it up here for the Internet's appreciation. Naturally, there's a lot of maths in this post as it's a proof.

So given the above circuit, how do we calculate optimum load resistance? Note that the area within the dashed line is the Thévenin circuit and hence any other linear network of power supplies and resistances follow this rule. Here, R_S is a model for the internal resistance of the power supply (and can also represent the transmission resistance).

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Miscellaneous Physics Questions


Q: What is Total Internal Reflection (TIR)?

A: Total internal reflection is when a light ray hits a medium-medium (e.g. glass-air) boundary and all the light is reflected back into the medium that the incident ray is originating from. (No light is refracted.)


Q: What's the equation for nuclear fusion?

A: _{1} ^{1} \textrm{H} + _{2} ^{1} \textrm{H} \rightarrow _{3 }^{2} \textrm{He} \space (+ \gamma) or  \textrm{Hydrogen} + \textrm{Deuterium} \rightarrow \mbox{Helium-3} + \textrm{Gamma}

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Dovecot Disaster - Straight into "* OK Waiting for authentication process to respond.." when accessing via Telnet

In A Nutshell:

Change "/etc/dovecot-sql.conf" to "/etc/dovecot/dovecot-sql.conf" (in your /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf file) then restart Dovecot.

The Nutshell Cracked:

Alas, 4 days later I get the news that no one can log in to Roundcube. After a long time, the message "Connection to imap server failed." would be shown. I tried to telnet into the Dovecot IMAP server, using "telnet localhost 143". The response was

* OK Waiting for authentication process to respond..

when I hadn't even entered any login details. Read more

Caramelised Nuts

An assortment of nuts covered in a shiny glaze of caramel.

Recently, the memory of having warm caramelised nuts at a music festival came back to me and so I decided to see if I could make some. I briefly looked up some recipes and tried it out and they came out very nicely. One thing I love about this recipe is the Science. Caramelisation (interesting read by the way) in and of itself is a fascinating process; as are nucleation reactions.

Read on for the full recipe.

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